In a time when compute industry was completely monopolized,  computer Os were expensive. A group of computer programmers came up with an idea of a free OS. The philosophy behind this idea is RICHARD STALLMAN, the founder of the GNU project. The author of “Open source” definition is BRUCE PERENSE. The Author of Linux kernel when it was first released is LINUS TORVALDS.   

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Linus Toralds Richard Stallman Bruce Perense

When LINUS TORVALDS (student at University of Helsinki at the time), the author of Linux kernel released the first Linux kernel independently, there was no relation with the GNU project. GNU project was writing a free OS independently, but because of the complexity of their very advanced design it was taking a long time to finish the project.

Users who were searching for an alternative free unix, found the pieces of he GNU project which was missing just the kernel. So the end users filled the gap with the Linux kernel. And the revolutionary OS,Linux was born. After that Linus and the GNU project collaborated along with many other programmers on the net to develop the Linux Operating system that we see today.

There are many flavors of Linux, developed by different groups of programmers, all of them based on the Linux kernel.

Watch Video on the revolutionary OS (1 hour 25 Minutes):


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