Quit UNRESPONSIVE Programs quickly

If you are a windows user you must have experienced the clumsiness of unresponsive (we Maldivians say stuck) applications. When you try to close the “stuck” application a dialogue box appears with an option to End the Task. But most of the times the unresponsive application is not closed, well not at least immediately. What about the famous ALT + F4 ? Well in this case that key combination may not be so helpful.

Luckily a hobby programmer have realized the necessity of a imagesolution, and came up with an Open Source tool called “SuperF4”. What does it do? Well, if an application is unresponsive and  stubborn just press Ctrl+ Alt+ F4. Zap! The currently active application is terminated immediately.

Download: http://code.google.com/p/superf4/


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