Internet has become an essential ingredient of our life today. Without internet our life becomes extremely difficult in this information technology era. Unfortunately internet is not controlled by any authority, therefore the content on internet cannot be censored or monitored. Some countries introduce internet filtering by enforcing regulations on ISPs. However all the restrictions introduced by ISPs can be bypassed, sometimes very easily.

As a parent, a brother or sister you wouldn’t want the younger ones in your family to watch nasty stuff out there on the internet. The question is how do you control what they see? I know that there are many software like netNanny, cyberPatrol and Web Watcher, BUT they cost a fortune!

Don’t just give up yet. There are very good free alternative solutions. Some very good free parental control solutions:

1 k9 web protection
K9 web protection is a good free alternative solution for internet filtering. Configuration is minimal. The software knows which sites are not proper for the children. You can configure it through a browser based GUI interface.
2 open dns
OpenDNS introduces a different approach of filtering improper sites. No software is necessary. You only need to sign up to the free service and configure your DNS server with the DNS server address they provide. If you are behind a router you can configure the router DNS server address with the address provided by OpenDNS. The configuration is done online.

Both of these products have good documentations on how to install and use the services. Choose what’s best for you. Enjoy!


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I like your thoughts. Can you send me a link to your other posts?

Justin Davis
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