Jailbreak iPhone OS version 3.1.2

The iPhone Jailbreak dev team cautioned iPhone users from upgrading to the newest iPhone os 3.12. You wont be able to jailbreak your iPhone if you have upgraded to the newest OS. Well, not anymore. Another team has come up with a tool called "Blackra1n". Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. I haven't tried this tool myself. But if you want to give a try then run for it. Link: http://blackra1n.com/ To download scroll to the bottom of their website and click the windows icon. There you go. Enjoy!


шαvєcσσʟ said...

that's not a team. ei team ei nun. ei hama ekakau geroge hotz. eina ekani ehenteemuthaka gonjehumugei gothun ehentool thaka vurei fasieha eichei ei.

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