While doing some research I visited http://www.maldiveshighcom.co.in/ which is the official website for Maldives High Commission in India. And guess what happend? First my browser warned me that the website has harmful elements from rapidsystemsend.ru.Then there comes a popup alert from Kaspersky Antivirus.
Well, I ignored the warning and proceeded anyway. The page looks innocent enough. It says:
High Commission of Maldives website moved to http://maldiveshighcom.in
Dhiraagu still has this link on its website: http://www.dhiraagu.com.mv/about/links.php
I wonder how many people will fall victim to this danger.

Recently Dhiraagu also faced DDOS attacks. And even now http://dhiraagu.com.mv has a high vulnerability. Hint: Dhiraagu is running Apache server 1.3.x. But I don't think this particular vulnerability can be used to deface the website.


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