Dhi e-Directory version 1.0 Available for Download

Hey Folks! Salaam! This is an updated version of the "Dhiraagu DirectoDhiraagu e-Directoryry Search" Software that was released in 2008. This software is tested on WindowsXP platform. Recently Dhiraagu Introduced captcha that prevented the previous software from accessing the directory data.

With the new "Dhi e-Directory" (or should I call it Dhiraagu e-Directory!)Software you will be able to search dhiraagu directory listing. Password for the installer is "sumbolo" without double quotes.

Download: Dhi e-Directory Setup


Anonymous said...

wish this was available for mac, perhaps as a widget. Great work!

Anonymous said...

tooo cooool, wel done bro!


hukulhu said...

why only dhiraagu numbers registerd to addu is in the search results?
and i wish if the search results could be more refined..like we can search the numbers registered for a particular address..mobiles and landline numbers alike

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