Trash that pirated software!

Welcome to Open Source. Its time to dump your pirated softwares (if you own any!). People use pirated software (which is often loaded with spyware and malware) because they can't efford to buy the original, though there can be a handful of other reasons. You don't have to anymore, because the open source community has grown to a stunning level and continues to grow. The Result? Now not only you can get open source alternatives to industry standard softwares, but their source code too. 
Some of the softwares that might interest you

Gimpshop as an alternative to Photoshop (Photo Retouch and design)

Incscape as an alternative to Corel Draw! (Vector Drawing)
who said Incascape cannot compete with CorelDraw? Checkout this magazine for drawings created with Incscape. You can find illustrations created with other Open Source software as well.

InfraRecorder as an alternative to Nero Burning Rom (CD/DVD/Blue-Ray-Disc Burning)

Avidemux as an alternative to Final Cut Pro (Video Editing)

There are many more. Visit to suit your needs.


Zurar said...

Can ye giv lil more details, like their special features which may not be in Photoshop, Nero,, or Corel

Shaamil said...

Hi Zurar, Thanks for visiting. Pls check the product website for more information. Visit for reviews on products and where you can download them. Enjoy!

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