Dhiraagu Directory Search Software

Update: Dhiraagu introduced a captcha validation in their e-directory search. This rendered this software unusable. If time permits I would love to attempt to crack the validation. Until then this software cannot be used to search Dhiraagu E-Directory.
Hello folks,
I coded this little (not so little ;-) ) software which is called ADDS for searching the online dhiraagu directory more conveniently. And I thought it's a good idea to share it with my fellow bloggers and the general public. Life is good, share it!

If the search result is too long then it is truncated. Thus the list will not show all the matching directory entries. I realised that it's pointless to list hundreds of numbers for a search term such as "red". ADDS is coded for Windows XP only!

Please let me know of any issues with this software.

Download it from here.

Password for the Installer is '1234'



Xiham said...

its a fake!

Shaamil said...

Why did you say its a fake? Didn't it work for you. It works for me perfectly. Thanks for commenting..

Anonymous said...

I could not install this software. it keeps telling the password is incorrect. I entered the given "1234" and it is not working, why?

Shaamil said...

This is an old version. Please check the never version : http://sumbolo.blogspot.com/2009/08/dhi-e-directory-version-10-available.html

Shaamil said...

Also check out: http://codexero.blogspot.com/2009/08/dhi-e-directory-version-10-available_07.html

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