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Searching for information may not be as easy as it seems. Some people stick to wikipedia while others google for information. But isn't it better if you know where to find them? I have a list of some good websites from a PC magazine I bought a couple of months ago. I hope you'll find this useful.

Flash Animations for Physics


Chemistry - The wikipedia entry
An introduction to Chemistry
Chem1 virtual Textbook
Chem web 2000
Chem Guide
Chemistry Animations
The Chemistry Thesaurus


An online Biology Book
Lubey's Bio Help!/biotopcs.html
The MIT Biology Textbook
The complete introduction to General Biology
Biology online
Cells Alive!
The virtual Frog Dissection Kit


Classic encyclopedia
Spark notes
The Encyclopedia of World History
The History Guide
World Civilizations

Geography and Civics


Altapedia Online

The World Fact Book
Country Studies
One World - Nations online
The Math Forum @ Drexel
Dave's short trig Course (Java Platform Required)
Eq World
Algorithms and Complexity
Wolfram Mathworld

Wikipedia Entry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare
Engineering Formulas
Applied Machanics
Design Handbook
Basics of Computer Programming
Online C and C++ Courses
Introduction to programming using java

Mechanical Engineering

Free Study
Strength of Materials
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics Tutorial

Electronics Engineering

circuit analysis
Semi Conductors
Theory of Computation

Computer Organization/Architecture

Free Online Training Courses
HP online classes
Free computer Science Video Lecture Courses
Free Computer books, Tutorials and Lecture notes
Stanford Computer Science Education Library
Free Tech Books

Electrical Engineering

Electronic Components
Operational Amplifiers

Computer Enginering

Operating Systems
Micro and Microprocessors
Object Oriented Programming



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how about

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Its' a good place to learn web programming. I must have included that in the list.. thanks!

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