No to israel

Many NGOs, Adhaalath party and DRP in Maldives have risen against establishing diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, Israel.

On 5th October this year DRP (The main opposition party) proposed a bill regarding the issue. The heat of anger in the parliament was intense. One MP was sent out of the parliament. Some MPS accused the president of treachery and "running for the Noble Peace Award". Others said that his decision is directly connected to the relation with British conservative party. MPs supporting Israel defended the president's decision by stating that the government opposes Israel's aggression towards Palestinian people, but by establishing ties with Israel Maldives can put some pressure on Israel for an independent Palestinian state. Some MPs tried to manipulate the reality by stating that Maldives had diplomatic ties with Israel for the last thirty years, but under the hood. I wonder how the mass population will react to this.
Many Maldivian bloggers describe Israel as a monster.


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