Make yourself a safety purse

At a time when theft and violence are on the rise, we need to take safety precautions. An inexpensive alarm system that girls can carry in their purse may be a good idea. of course if they allow you to mod their purse! This tutorial is from the MAKE Magazine. Lets start working.

What you Need.

1 120 db Siren
2 A small switch
3 9volt battery
4 Wire
5 Heat shrink tubing
6 Some clothing material ( a piece of tough cloth is fine)
7 Your purse!

What you need

How it is done.

Watch the Video:
OR follow the instructions below.

1 The siren has two wires. Connect the red wire to the switch.
2 Connect the other siren wire to the negative pole of battery (usually marked with a “-“ sign).
3 Connect the other pin( or wire) of the switch to the positive (+) pole of the battery.
4 If you don’t want to use heat shrink tubing you can use normal insulation tape to insulate the exposed wire.
The finished circuit
5 Use the clothing to make a small bag (cover) large enough to fit the battery. Put in the battery and sew the opening.
Make a cover for the battery
6 Cut a small hole at the bottom of the purse (So the alarm can be heard).
Cut a hole at the bottom
7 disguise the hole by patching the hole with some gauge material.
Use some Gauge to conseal the hole
8 Put the siren at the bottom of the purse, near the hole and use some adhesives to attach it.
9 Attach the switch at the top of the purse.


Finished Purse Image


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