Previously I have written on how to setup a free SSL Virtual Private Network here:
A lot of users ask how to access their PC from another PC. It’s really simple. Follow these steps.

1.Add the VPN Port (default is 443) to the exception list of your firewall in order to allow incoming connections to that port.

2.If you are behind a router you will also need to forward the VPN port to your PC (Where the VPN Server is running).

3.Now find your IP address as seen to the internet by visiting To access the VPN, point the browser to http://your-ip-here. If your IP is then point your browser to .

If you have a dynamic IP address things become a little complicated. Every time your dial your ISP a new IP address is assigned to your PC. Fortunately there is a free service called DynDNS.
1. To register a free account go to

2. You will need to confirm your email address. Login to your email account (as provided during the registration at DynDNS) and click the activation link. Now login to the DynDNS account.

3. Click My Hosts Link on your account under “my services”.
4. Click Add New Hostname. Now you will see a page similar to the below screenshot. Type a hostname (Example: Myhome). Select any option from the dropdown on the right (see the below screenshot). If you put your hostname as “myhome” and you select “” from the dropdown then your domain will be
image Type your IP address in the “IP Address” Field or click “Use auto detected IP address ” under the “IP Address” field.

5. Click “Add to Cart” (Don’t worry, its free!).

6. Click Next.

7.Click “Activate Services” Button

8. Download and install DynDNS Updater from You will need to provide your login details to the client (only once) after installing. This client program will update your account periodically with your current IP Address. So even if your IP address is dynamic your VPN can be accessed from the domain you setup.

9. Done! To access your PC (VPN) from anywhere in the world type in the domain name (Example:


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And keep up the good work.
Its great to see sites like these in this hate filled, egoistic mv blogsphere.

Btw, There is something wrong with your comment dialogue box. I cannot see the "word verification" input box in Firefox 3. I had to use tab key to access it.

Shaamil said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Jazakallah Khair

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