New Government Towards Failure

Honestly I was overjoyed on hearing the news that Anni was elected as the new president of Maldives. However I must note that some dirty tactics were also involved in winning the election. The use of disproportionate force against peaceful demonstrators who were demanding their rights under the new labor law at Reethirah Resort, paved the first step towards failure of the new government. 
We are being mesmerized by the repeated "Heyo verikan" Stuff in most of the speeches by the president and the Government Spokesman. How can the incident at reethirah fit into the "Heyo verikan" ? Mr. President, we elected you to give us our rights. I wouldn't have strived to get you elected, if I knew that you are so forgetful.
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I saw the Home minister Mr.Gasim expressing his sorrow  for the poor people who were suffering under the President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom's rule. How can anyone define hypocrisy better?


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