Hate Emails doesn't bother Muslims..


Anonymous said...

if only most muslims were like that

although i did find this a little hypocritical
its in ur religion to insult other faiths & lower them as filthy pigs

the way u tolerate others are the way u keep ur pets
dogs n pigs should be eliminated n others should play by ur rules

or am i wrong?

Shaamil said...

I respect your comment. I must say you have a wrong understanding of Islam. The mass media is spreading false propaganda against Islam. Islam doesn't force anyone to be Muslim. I have been told that Non-Muslims also had the same Social status as Muslims Under Muslim Rule. I have been told that if a special meal was prepared in my house then give some of the food to the neighbors whether they are Muslim, Jew or Christian. It is true that non-Muslims under the rule of Muslims were required to pay Jizya, but that is for providing them security and other services. There were cases when the Muslim rulers gave all the money back, during hard times for the Muslims. That was when Muslims weren't able to provide them with sufficient security against invaders etc.
Today people are required to pay tax in USA too!

Try weighing the crimes committed by Muslims against the Crimes committed by Non-Muslims.

Dear brother/sister, Please don't judge Islam by its followers.

Anonymous said...

hey its not the media,
im talkin about my school teachings (majeediya school)
n if u r a muslim n u have a child u are required by religion to punish that child into the religion after the age of 6

am i wrong on that one too

how about islamic views on atheists, jews, gays, music, pictures, painting, de-converts,
i know this is radical stuff but it still is islam at its purist form

thats y i said it was hypocritical

if u want to weight crime how about being a buddhist its a great religion... seriously
better than sugar coating a sadistic manipulative religion like islam

i know it have its good qualities but it does come at a price

Shaamil said...

Yes Anonymous. I believe that Islam is the true religion chosen by Allah (God). Let's assume that you also believe that Islam is the true religion. Then its justified, right? If you love your children then you wouldn't want your children to go astray!

Talking about atheists lets assume that a plane carrying atheists run into trouble. When the engine of the plane fails what would they do? Of course they pray.. Now isn't that hypocrisy too? Mind you, I'm not making all this up, this has happened more than once.

And What? Do you really believe that it's ethical for a man marrying another man. How are they going to produce their offspring? If you believe that this is ethical then I say Good Bye.

Dear anonymous, your accusations against Islam proves your limited knowledge in Islam. Go read authentic books.

Many former accusers of Islam have embraced Islam including Christian Ministers, Christian Scholars, Hindus, Jews.

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