The DOSBox...

DOSBox is an Emulator which is coded to run old ms-dos programs. This program will become handy for students when a DOS Program screenshot is needed. In windows its not possible to take a screenshot of a DOS based programs if they run in full screen mode, without using an emulator like DOSBox. It can be used to take screenshots from programs created with Qbasic, Turbo C, C++ or any other DOS based program. :)

To take a screenshot of a DOS based program install the dos box on your disk and then launch the DOS based program from the DOSBox. You can do this by dragging the DOS based program icon on to DOSBox Icon. The program is now launched inside DOSBox in Window mode. And now you can take a screenshot by pressing ALT+Print Screen Keys. After that just press Ctrl+V in a program such as MS Paint, MS Word or Photoshop. Enjoy! :)


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